Outreach Programs

The HAP reaches out to the Hyderabad and surrounding community through its outreach programs. HAP outreach programs are geared towards promoting personal growth and educating individuals who may be concerned with a variety of social, emotional, behavioural and academic/career  problems.

Outreach services are offered to Schools, Colleges, Corporate clients, and the general public.

School based programs

Our school based outreach programs focuses on adolescent students since they are typically the most in need of assistance with life issues at this crucial juncture in their life. We typically present to students in Class 9 and 10. Topics for schools include:

Test Anxiety Study Skills
Self Esteem Peer relationships
Dealing with difficult parents The psychology of love
Getting ready for the 10th class (for the 9th class students) Being the best you can be (for outgoing students of Class 10)
Health/Hygiene (for girls) Stress management

We can create other programs to suit your needs, so please call us for more information on cost and other factors.

Junior college and Undergraduate/Graduate based programs

The HAP provides workshops and presentations to student groups and classes on a wide variety of topics. We are happy to arrange programs that may be of interest to your group or class. We are also more than happy to be part of a panel discussion you might be arranging that involves issues related to relationships, stress, families, the college experience, dealing with difficult issues, grief and loss, etc.

Following is a list of some of the topics that are available. Other topics that might not appear on the list are also available. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about a topic you might have in mind.

We look forward to being able to respond to your requests!

Some Outreach Topics

1001 Things to Do Besides Drink How to Talk About Sex Abuse Issues (physical, sexual, emotional)
Anger Management Alcohol and Drugs Intro to Career Decision Making
Anxiety Management Juggling Multiple Roles Assertiveness Training
 Basic Communication Skills Love Stinks – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Basic College Survival Skills
Motivating Yourself to Study Body Image Issues Overcoming Procrastination
Coping with Performance Anxiety Communicating With People Different From You Parenting
Communicating about Sex Relationships Coping with Depression
Relaxation Coping with Health Problems and College Sexual Assault
Self Esteem Dating Conflict Stress Management
Dating Issues Study Skills Dealing with “Bad” Feelings
Test Anxiety Eating Concerns Test Taking Skills
Grief and Loss Time Management How to Help a Friend with a Problem

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