School Counseling Online Course

(July 11 to August 14 2021)

Admissions are open for the five week (65 hours) School Counseling Online Course. This is an intensive course aimed at training psychological counselors for working in schools and educational institutions. It focuses on practical skills required to work with children, adolescents and school systems.

This is a foundation course in school counseling and provides a laboratory setting in which students master skill sets needed for being a school-based counselor. The goal of the course is to train individuals to offer school counseling services as part of a comprehensive program that addresses the development of students in terms of academic/educational, career, personal/social and emotional skills, as well as school personnel, families, and the community at large. The practice of counseling in school occurs regularly, and the training for this specific area has been largely lacking, thus this course is designed to address ethical, professional, and legal aspects of being a school counselor.

It will cover various aspects of school based counseling including:

Basic Skills in Counseling Children
Common psychological issues in children
Child & Adolescent Development
Suicide and Self Harm (Risk assessment and intervention)
Basics of learning difficulties
Interventions with children
Ethics in School Counseling
School Counseling in the Indian context

Start date: July 11, 2021      End Date: Aug 14, 2021

Course days and timings: Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays 4 pm to 7 pm; Sundays 10 am to 12 pm

Location: ONLINE via ZOOM

Course Fee: Rs. 15,000/- (+ 18% GST) Total: Rs. 17700/- (Last date to join: July 9th 2021)

Special offer: Join by June 25th 2021 and pay only Rs. 12,000/- (+18% GST) (Total=Rs. 14160/-)

To register: click:

Clinical skills training with supervision practicum: A crucial component of our course lies in the training of students in clinical skills which is accomplished through supervision of our students in addition to in class activities. Supervision is a process in which the trainee counselor meets with a supervisor each week to learn skills, discuss his/her development as a person and a counselor and get feedback about their practical work in the course. Supervision is provided by trained/in-training supervisors to ensure all round development of counselors and occurs during the Sunday class.

Who should join

This course is open to anyone choosing to becoming a school counselor and seeking professional training for the same. Individuals who join could be (1) those who have some knowledge of counseling but wish to extend their knowledge of school counseling (2) counselors, teachers, social workers, educational consultants and personnel who wish to increase their school counseling skills and apply them within their practice.  We have no age limit for our course, so as long as you are emotionally mature and stable, we will consider you for the course. Please note that if you do not have experience in counseling/helping or psychology at a basic level, then this might be a difficult course for you to do.

Course faculty: This course will be taught by the following faculty:

Dr Diana Monteiro, Founder- Director, HAP

Dr. Diana Monteiro is the Founder-Director of the Hyderabad Academy of Psychology. She is a US trained Counseling Psychologist who obtained her PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently licensed as a Psychologist and Health Service Provider in Tennessee, USA. With her plethora of 20 years of counseling experience, Dr. Diana is well known for her Counseling Practices which has positively impacted and transformed thousands of lives. She has been a mentor to many new therapists and Counselors in this field through her trainings, courses and resources. Diana is known to her mentees as an intelligent, ambitious, bold and empowering psychologist, who encourages all her students to unleash their potential and awesomeness. She also has a marvelous sense of humor and her trainings are filled with energy, engaging content and captivating presentation skills, in addition to lots of incredible learning and practical wisdom. On a personal front, she is wonderful daughter, mother and wife and like all empowered strong women leaders, she works hard to balance her different roles and be a good role model for young women everywhere.

Insiya Abdurraheem is a counselor and trainer. Having completed her masters from Osmania University and practical training from Hyderabad Academy of Psychology, she has worked in UAE and India. Through her  nearly a decade long career, she has had clinical experience and has been training counselors in training. She has also worked in corporate settings to provide psychological services. In the later years of her career she has headed the department of counseling and Special Education needs in various schools and had worked across different curriculum including CBSE, ICSE, IB and curriculum of England. She has worked closely with education authorities and boards of school to design policies for the schools and been on the panel for school inspections for quality and assurance.At the moment she enjoys spending time with her daughter who’s her miniature carbon copy, conversations which are intellectually and emotionally stimulating, baking and cooking healthy and delicious delicacies in addition to multiple roles of a wife and family person.

To register: click:

Completion of the registration form and payment of the fee confirms your seat in the course

For more information please call 94939-75140

The accreditation or certification for counselling courses is currently not offered by any accrediting or certifying body in India. HAP maintains responsibility for the above course and its content under the guidance of Dr. Diana Monteiro, Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider (Tennessee, USA, License no. 2665). We reserve the right to change the above information as needed.


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